Sunday, February 28, 2016

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

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If you are in business, you have certainly come to understand how important it is to keep the customers you already have. After all (and you have surely heard it said before, but it is always worth repeating!), 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. In order to stay in business, any company needs to make sure this "20%" stays happy so that they will remain loyal, and they also need to make sure they know how to turn the "80%" into loyal customers as well.

A lot of businesses fail before they get any serious traction because they focus so much of their energy on gaining new customers before they ever take the time to focus on the customers who are coming back. New customers are certainly important, but they are not your main source of profit, and so they should not be your first priority.

Out of all the various ways by which you can keep your repeat customers happy, the best way is by finding out what they have to say. By getting to know your customers, you will get to know what their opinion is regarding your business. If lots of customers like a certain aspect of your business, that aspect is in good shape; if a lot of them voice displeasure over an aspect, it is time to consider change. A lot of large businesses avoid this step, thinking that it is impossible to get to know customers; and while this is true when it comes to getting to know them "individually," there are still such ways as customer surveys, customer service, and online response forms that will allow you to get to know what your customers are thinking.

After you have taken care of your current customers - making sure you have a solid foundation in place - you can add "new customers" to your scope of focus. This is where advertising comes in handy, but the best way to keep these customers once they come to you is by creating loyalty! Again, if you are small, get to know each new customer who comes your way; in this way, you will not stay small for long! And if you are a large company, create a sense of familiarity and community with your new customers, and they will keep coming back.

It is not difficult to make your business fail; but if you learn how to keep your customers coming back, it is also not difficult to succeed!

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