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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tips For Becoming Better At Sales

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People who are in sales for a living realize that sales are extremely important (after all, they depend on sales for their livelihood!), but it is also great for people in every area of life to understand the importance of sales, as sales reach much further than just sales in business; regardless of what you do for a living - or what you do in life - here are a few things for you to keep in mind in order to become better at sales.

One mistake a lot of people make is that they try to sell a product, but if the person to whom they are trying to sell the product has no connection with them (or worse, if they do not like them!), the sale will probably not be made; one of the most important things in sales is knowing how to sell yourself - recognizing that people are a lot more likely to buy something from you if they like you and trust you from the start.

Many salesmen make over-the-top promises that they cannot keep (and that they have no intention of trying to keep), but instead of making promises that you will be unable to keep, you should instead make it your goal to always go over and above what the person is expecting of you; when you do this, you will give the customer a much more satisfying experience, and will bring you more business in the long run, as people are likely to spread the word about you if they have a good experience (in the same way they are likely to spread the word about you if they have a bad experience!).

And as you keep in mind the realization that people are likely to talk to others about their experience with you, realize that it is up to you to fix any problems or issues the person to whom you made the sale deals with in the aftermath. In sales, one of the best things you can do is realize that your responsibility does not end when the sale ends - instead, your responsibility ends only when the customer is completely satisfied!

Is Dilbert Okay For My Employees?

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Not only are you familiar with Dilbert as a member of the business world, but as a boss in the business world, you probably even think that Dilbert is sometimes funny. After all, these cartoons are not making fun of you, right? But then again, it is easy to second-guess this sentiment when you start to see Dilbert cartoons tacked up on the cubicle walls of your employees. Of course, at first, it feels like you are just being overly paranoid to think that a cartoon strip could have any effect on the morale of your employees, but it is also difficult to shed from your mind those articles that talked about how Dilbert actually can have a negative effect on employees. And so the question becomes, are Dilbert cartoons bad for employee morale?

First off all, one must remember that humor and laughter is good for morale. Certainly, these cartoons are posted on people's walls because they induced a laugh, so this is a sign in the right direction.

The issue, of course, is that many of these cartoons induce laughs by poking fun at corporate culture. And when you see a cartoon on someone's wall where the boss is made fun of, it is difficult to keep your mind from wandering to the question: Why did this employee post this particular cartoon on their wall? But the solution to the problem might be more complicated than just banning these comic strips. After all, it is unlikely that banning these strips would have any effect except to make employees think that you are out of touch with the way they feel.

Instead of reacting brashly and ordering all Dilbert strips to be taken down from cubicle walls, a better approach is to look at the strips yourself. Many of these strips are funny because they poke fun at the way businesses are run; if your employees think that these strips are applicable enough to be tacked on their cubicle wall, the problem might not be with the strip itself. The problem might be a whole lot closer to home; perhaps the problem is with your company and the way it is run!

While some might think it is trivial to turn Dilbert into a topic of serious discussion, many businesses have, in fact, banned these cartoons from cubicle walls. If you are wanting to improve morale around your office, do not alienate employees by acting in this manner; instead, take a look at the way your business is run, and aim to improve morale by improving your business!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Meeting Your Sales Quota For The Year

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Working in sales can be difficult at times, as you will not only have to do a good job selling your product to customers, but you will likely be under pressure to reach certain performance quotas for your company - as far as how much (and how quickly, and how efficiently, and even how profitably!) you are selling; of course, sales quotas are simply part of working in sales, but if you are wanting to eliminate some of the stress of working in sales and trying to reach your quotas, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

First off, you should always make an effort to think of your quota as something that is supposed to be hit in half the time of what is actually supposed to be hit; for instance, if you are supposed to reach a certain sales goal in a year, you should make it your goal to try and reach that sales goal in six months instead, as doing this will set higher goals for you than simply what the company is giving you, and even though you may end up falling short of these personal goals you have set, they are likely to still help you reach the quota assigned by the company long before the set date!

Plenty of people tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to sales because they look at the big picture of the sales numbers they are supposed to hit, which can seem like an insurmountable task, but a better way to look at the sales numbers you are trying to hit is on a day-to-day basis; this does not even mean that you should assign yourself a certain number of sales you should try to hit each day, as anyone who has ever worked in sales knows that your sales will fluctuate from each day, but it simply means you should narrow your focus to "taking care of what you can take care of each day."

And lastly, recognize the fact that you are likely to get ahead of schedule when you incorporate these two approaches into your sales work, and as you get ahead of schedule, it will be easy for complacency to set in. Guard against complacency by always expanding your goals, pushing yourself to accomplish more and more in sales than you were aiming to accomplish before!

What You Need To Know In Order To Do Your Own SEO

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One thing that will be extremely important when you are using search engine optimization in order to propel your website higher in search engine rankings will be that you understand all the basic things you need in order to succeed in search engine optimization; after all, if you are doing your own SEO work, you may not lose any money if your results are poor, but you will lose time – and when you are running your own business, time can be just as valuable as money!

Just as you would if you were advertising in a more traditional manner, it will be important that you know exactly who you are targeting in your search engine optimization efforts; by understanding who you are targeting, it will be much easier for you to know what keywords to use, as you will be able to gain a greater understanding of what keywords your target demographic is likely to search in order to find you.

Once you know who you plan to target, you will also be able to start narrowing down your options of the best keywords to focus on; in picking keywords, you will want to take the time to make sure these keywords are both highly searched and low in the way of competition, as this will give you the greatest chance of moving higher up search engine rankings pages, and of bringing yourself new clients and customers as a result.

And finally, you should know that your website itself will be one of the most important things in your search engine optimization efforts; because so much of SEO is focused on the keywords you are using, many people fail to also pay attention to what will happen once people arrive at their website, but realize that you will still need an appealing website that provides good information so that those who visit your website will eventually become customers.

It can sometimes take a while to learn all the search engine optimization basics you will need to know, and to implement all these little things, but when you take the right approach, with this knowledge in mind, you will eventually see results, and your business will continue expanding because of this!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Networking For Business The Right Way!

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Networking is one of the most important things you can do in order to get ahead in business, but in many circles these days, "networking" has gotten a bad name - and of course, the reason why it has gotten a bad name is because people have gone about networking the wrong way! If you want to use networking to help you move ahead in business, you not only need to know what it takes to network; you also need to know what it takes to network the right way.

The fact that salespeople have gotten a bad name lately is one of the main reasons why networking has gotten a bad name lately; rather than being seen as people who truly believe in their products and want to help others, salespeople are seen as people who will do anything to convince others to buy something so they can make a quick buck. Because of this perception, many genuine salespeople now have a hard time making people realize that they are being genuine, and networking has followed suit; most people - rather than networking in order to get to know others who they can help, and who can also help them - end up networking with only one idea in mind: "How can these people help me get ahead?" This leads people to immediately put up their guard when they perceive that someone is "networking" with them, as they do not want to feel as though they are being "used" by someone else.

If you are hoping to network the right way, you will need to come to a point where you honestly and genuinely care about the people you are coming in contact with - a point where you are not only hoping that these people can help you get ahead, but where you are also hoping you can help these people in turn!

Your true intentions will shine through when you approach networking in this manner, and rather than putting up their walls when you try to approach these people, they will greet you with open arms, ready and willing to help you succeed!

Tips For Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

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One of the best ways to make money online (that is, it is one of the best ways to "live the dream" of making money from the comfort of your own home") is through the magic of affiliate marketing, but if you are wanting to make money through affiliate marketing, you will have to know a few specific things; if you are thinking of dabbling in affiliate marketing, keep these tips in mind, as they will help you on your way to achieving success in your efforts.

One mistake that a lot of people make when chasing success in affiliate marketing is that they end up targeting a niche that has a lot of competition, and they are never able to make their online voice heard because of this; when you are selecting a niche, realize that the best thing for you to do is target a sub-niche that will present you with less competition you will have to deal with.

Another thing to realize is that it is possible to find affiliate marketing opportunities for just about anything; a lot of people start from the affiliate marketing companies they know (such as Amazon, or Apple), and then try to figure out what products this makes available to them, but a much better approach is to decide what you want to focus on in your affiliate marketing efforts, and then to search for an affiliate program that will make this possible.

Finally, you should be aware of the fact that search engine optimization will be extremely important when it comes to your eventual success in affiliate marketing, and even though you might not want to take all the necessary time to learn all the things you will need to know about SEO, you will need to have a bit of patience and do this before you can meet with success!

As you keep these tips in mind - and as you continue trying new things with affiliate marketing, experimenting to find what works for you - you will eventually be in a position where you are making money through affiliate marketing, and are maybe even making a living!

Maintaining a Balance Between Your Business and Personal Life

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Running into problems is an issue small business owners constantly deal with. Most of these are very consistent across the board regardless of the type of business that they own. One of the biggest issues is with hiring; trustworthy and hard working staff is something that is difficult to find. A large amount of time being spent at their business is the result for many owners who cannot find the quality of staff that their business demands. A work-life balance that is completely out of whack ends up happening.

How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner and Still Have a Life.

A book that focuses on restoring this work-life balance for business owners who need it is titled How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner and Still Have a Life. If you cannot enjoy some quality time away from your business then there is no joy in having one that is successful. Your small business isn't meant to eliminate your personal life, but should help to make it more enjoyable than it was before. Bill Collier wrote this book to provide guidelines on how to make sure that your life thrives away from your small business.

Being a major tool of your business is essential for your staff if you hope to be able to run it successfully without needing to be there. Developing a business plan with your staff as the center piece is one thing Collier focuses on. Providing values to work by is probably the best way you can make sure your staff is successful. If you instill values in them that they believe in, this will help to guide them even when you can’t be there with them. This is the final goal any small business owner should have.

Collier writes 20 chapters that center around goals. He will guide you on setting these goals, planning accordingly to help achieve them, and to execute the plans you come up with. This three step process should provide you with a great base for success. A measurement of success will be taken once you can find out how well your business runs without you needing to be there. After some time you won't be constantly worrying when you are away from it.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

How To Avoid Major Keyword Mistakes

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Keywords rank near the top of important search engine optimization aspects, but even though the majority of people who are working on search engine optimization are aware of this, there are a number of major keyword mistakes most people still make; if you want to get the most out of your search engine optimization efforts, you will want to make sure you understand what these mistakes are, and will want to do your best to avoid them.

One of the big things that will go into making your keywords successful will be for these keywords to be highly searched, and for them to have very little in the way of competition, and if the keywords you are using are too broad, it is unlikely you will hit both of these points; use a keyword tool such as the one provided by Google to make sure the keywords you are using are specific rather than broad, as this will help you quite a bit in the long run.

Another big mistake people make is that they try to focus on too many different keywords, and the content on their site becomes compromised as a result; your best bet for working with keywords is to simply pick out two primary keywords you want to focus on – centering your content around these two keywords, and allowing the rest of the secondary keywords to take care of themselves.

And finally, you should realize that it will be important for your site to focus locally, rather than focusing globally; this means that your keywords should target specific geographic areas, instead of simply targeting the Internet as a whole, as this will enable you to show up much more highly on search engine rankings pages, and to increase your profits as a result.

As you work with keywords through your search engine optimization efforts, keep these tips in mind, and you will find that your website continues to improve, and that you continue making more and more money over time!

How To Get A Loan For Your Small Business

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These days, plenty of people are considering starting up a small business of their own, either because of layoffs, because of difficulty in getting a job in the current market, or simply because they have always had a dream of working for their own self, but before you will be able to start a small business of your own, you will probably be in need of a small business loan; the good news about getting a small business loan is that as long as you know what you are doing, the process is not that difficult at all.

The first major step in getting a loan to start your small business will be writing a detailed business plan; this business plan should project at least the first 3 years of your business, and should be as detailed as you can make it - including everything from your startup expenses to your projected month by month profits over this span of time that the business plan covers.

In trying to figure out where to go for this business loan, many people automatically think of going to a national bank, but because of the state of the economy these days, it can actually be more difficult right now to get a loan from a national bank; the simple truth is, you may in fact be better off setting up a meeting with the bank manager of a local bank, as this will enable you to make a connection with someone who is high in the local business hierarchy while also giving you a better chance of procuring that loan.

And finally, it will be necessary for you to do your monthly debt to income ratio for the bank, and you will have to give them a record of your last 3 income tax returns; after you have taken these steps, they will do a credit check on you, and if all goes well they will be ready to give you that small business loan, and you will be ready to get your business up and running.

The dream of running your own business is certainly one that is fully attainable, and when you know the steps you must take in order to procure a small business loan, you will be that much closer to making this dream a reality!

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

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If you are in business, you have certainly come to understand how important it is to keep the customers you already have. After all (and you have surely heard it said before, but it is always worth repeating!), 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. In order to stay in business, any company needs to make sure this "20%" stays happy so that they will remain loyal, and they also need to make sure they know how to turn the "80%" into loyal customers as well.

A lot of businesses fail before they get any serious traction because they focus so much of their energy on gaining new customers before they ever take the time to focus on the customers who are coming back. New customers are certainly important, but they are not your main source of profit, and so they should not be your first priority.

Out of all the various ways by which you can keep your repeat customers happy, the best way is by finding out what they have to say. By getting to know your customers, you will get to know what their opinion is regarding your business. If lots of customers like a certain aspect of your business, that aspect is in good shape; if a lot of them voice displeasure over an aspect, it is time to consider change. A lot of large businesses avoid this step, thinking that it is impossible to get to know customers; and while this is true when it comes to getting to know them "individually," there are still such ways as customer surveys, customer service, and online response forms that will allow you to get to know what your customers are thinking.

After you have taken care of your current customers - making sure you have a solid foundation in place - you can add "new customers" to your scope of focus. This is where advertising comes in handy, but the best way to keep these customers once they come to you is by creating loyalty! Again, if you are small, get to know each new customer who comes your way; in this way, you will not stay small for long! And if you are a large company, create a sense of familiarity and community with your new customers, and they will keep coming back.

It is not difficult to make your business fail; but if you learn how to keep your customers coming back, it is also not difficult to succeed!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tips For Conducting Great Giveaways For Your Business

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One of the best ways for you to gain extra customers for your business is by conducting giveaways, as giveaways are a means for you to sacrifice a small amount of inventory or time for a lot of extra exposure; before you try doing a giveaway for your business, however, it will be important that you pay attention to a few things that will go into making this giveaway successful.

When putting together a giveaway, one of the biggest mistakes businesses tend to make is that they give away something that is easy or convenient for them, rather than trying to come up with something customers will actually want; instead of giving away something that will stir up no desire in the hearts of customers and potential customers, you should view the giveaway as an investment, or as advertising, and expand your budget accordingly to give customers something they will want.

Doing a giveaway that involves participation from your customers will be another key to making your giveaway successful, but realize that this does not mean you need to make their participation difficult; when doing a giveaway, always aim to make the participation aspect fun and easy, as this will make it much more likely that people will take time and effort to participate in the contest.

And finally, you should understand that getting people to help you spread the word about the contest itself will be a huge key to making the giveaway successful, and you will need to make sure you are taking the right steps in order to cause this to happen; the best way to get people to spread the word about a contest is to make this part of the contest itself, where entries are given into the contest for using social media (or other means) to let people know about the contest itself!

When you run a contest for your business by taking these steps, you will find that lots of new customers are coming your way, and that the inventory and time spent on these contests are absolutely worth it!

Making Money With Search Engine Marketing: The First Steps

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Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to make money online (which, of course, means that it is also one of the best ways to make money from home - or from vacation, or from just about anywhere else!), which is the process of creating websites through which you make money via ads and affiliate marketing, and which gives you the grand flexibility of "working for yourself" and being able to work on your own schedule. For each search engine marketer who finds success, however, there are scores of people who fail in their attempts to make money through SEM, and a large part of the reason for this widespread failure is that many people do not know the steps they should take!

When it comes to search engine marketing, the first thing you need to understand is that, in addition to "writing for search engines" (knowing all the search engine optimization things you need to do in order to rise to the top of search engine rankings pages), you also need to write for people; after all, people are the ones who will decide whether to stay on your website or not when they visit, and people are the ones who will ultimately decide how much money you make through search engine marketing!

The next thing for you to be aware of is the fact that just because something is popular does not make it a good niche to explore; instead of searching for things that are "popular" (which will often translate to mean "lots of competition from other sites"), look for items that are profitable - and once you find these items, create content that targets keywords that are high on searches and low on competition!

And finally, it is important that you understand that traffic does not necessarily mean profits; in addition to drawing traffic to your site, you need to make sure the traffic you are bringing your way is full of "buyers" instead of "researchers" - and the way to do this is to make sure you gain a full understanding of the sorts of keywords "buyers" are likely to used, compared to the keywords "researchers" are likely to use, and to make sure you are using this knowledge to your advantage!