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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

List building - Ad Swaps

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Ad swaps are where you send out an ad to your list promoting someone else’s squeeze page and then someone else does the same for you to their list. 

So it’s similar to solo ads except for no one is buying anything; you’re just trading off ads.
The place where everybody has moved to these days is called

 Now people are over-mailing their lists with ad swaps. 

They’re doing way more ad swaps so they’re getting less response from the subscribers.
Retention rates are going down, click thru rates are going down, but if you still want to generate hundreds of subscribers per day, you still can do that. 

The key to profiting from ad swaps is the same key to profiting with solo ads, which is your sales funnel.  So if you’ve got a good sales funnel, you can use it for your ad swaps.Also, ad swaps are a great way to test your sales funnel before you start buying something like solo ads. You’re probably going to get less quality subscribers from ad swaps than you are solo ads, yet it’s still a good indication of whether your sales funnel will convert traffic into sales.

And that’s what’s necessary to profit with ad swaps, because you’re not promoting anything that’s going to be making money directly to your list; you’re promoting someone else’s squeeze page, so you’re relying on the traffic coming from the JV partner’s list to your sales funnel. 

 Think about how simple this business is right here. 

1. You put together a sales funnel
2. You do ad swaps every day.
3. You track your different traffic sources to see which ones—which ad swap & solo ad providers—are sending you the best quality traffic that converts into subscribers and sales
4. You test your sales funnel every day until you’re converting the maximum amount of visitors who land on your page (which List Hijack does for you). 

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