Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Writing Good Articles To Grow Your Website

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You may have come to understand that writing articles - and submitting these articles to article sites - is one of the best ways for you to create backlinks for your website, and for you to drive up direct traffic, but one thing you may still be trying to figure out is exactly what constitutes a "good" article.

Of course, good, competent writing should be the foundation of a good article, but while it is pretty much impossible to write a good article with bad writing, it is absolutely possible for you to write a bad article with good writing - and the content of the article itself will be your first defense against having a bad article: make sure the content relates to your site, and that it provides readers with valuable information.

In addition to covering a topic that relates to your site and doing so with good writing, you will also want to make sure the writing itself is conversational and engaging; try to make readers feel as though they are reading something written "to them" by someone they know, rather than making them feel as though they are reading some sort of business correspondence.

And making sure to leave your articles open-ended will be one of the biggest keys to getting clicks on the links you include in the articles you write; this can be a fine line to balance your writing along, as you will want to make your articles informative and worth reading, but will want to do so without giving so much away that your reader feels there is no need to click on the link you provide - so write with this goal in mind, and keep tabs on how many clicks you get on different articles, so you can determine which approaches are working and which can be discarded.

When you keep these tips in mind as you write your articles, you will be able to start increasing your site's search engine ranking and traffic - all by writing about a topic that relates to your site, and that you probably enjoy writing about in the first place!

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