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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Building Your Own Website

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There are plenty of reasons to set up a website - perhaps you have a business you are needing to promote, or perhaps you are wanting to try to make some money online with websites, or maybe you just want to have a platform from which you can share your thoughts and opinions on things - but even though there are plenty of people who want to start a website of their own (and even though there are plenty of different reasons why they might want to do this), a lot of people end up never starting that website they want to start because they think they will have to pay someone else to do this. If you are wanting to start up a website, however, you should have no problem doing so on your own - and making it look really good - as long as you know a few specific things that will be important for helping you to get started.

The first thing you need to do is decide what sort of feel you want your website to have - whether you want it to appear more like a blog, or whether you would prefer for it to look more like a "website"; if you decide that you want your website to have more of a blog feel, you should look at Blogger (which is the blogging platform run by Google), and if you want to have more of a website feel on the site you are running, you should look into purchasing a domain and using a Wordpress template.

After you have set up your site with Blogger or Wordpress, you will be able to choose from loads of templates that these platforms provide, until you find a template that gives you exactly the look you are going for - and if you find something that is close to the look you are going for, but does not quite hit everything just right, you can learn to adjust minor things on the template yourself with just a little bit of research!

And once you have your website up and running, with the look you are wanting to go for, start studying up on some basic HTML - and with this final bit of information, you will be able to input content on your site and make it look exactly the way you want it to look!

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