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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Set Ground Rules In Order To Resolve Conflicts In Your Business

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If you run a business, one of the things that can dismantale it more quickly than anything is internal conflicts. Even though you are unable to - and probably unwilling to - be involved in solving every conflict, you can have a hand in the way every conflict is solved by having ground rules in place. Having such ground rules is of the utmost importance, as it enables your employees to solve their disputes in a calm manner with as little mess as possible!

When setting the ground rules for resolving conflicts, one of the first things you want to make sure you do is detail and document the processes. Your ultimate goal, when it comes to employee conflicts, is for the employees to be able to police themselves, resolving the conflicts on their own. But if you do not have documentation as to the ground rules, your employees will never really know whether they are following protocol.

When it comes to communication in your business, it is important that the atmosphere is conducive to open communication, and you will need to take a personal hand in creating such an environment. Communication should start from the top and trickle down, which means that you should communicate with your employees, but it also means they should be able to communicate with you! When you establish an environment in which employees feel comfortable communicating with you and their other managers, they will also feel comfortable communicating with one another.

Of course, should there be a conflict that the employees are unable to work out on their own, it is important that you have a step in place that enables you or a manager to step in and mediate. This will allow you to have a clear view of all the things that are going on with your employees, and will help you be able to keep things under control.

When it comes to small businesses, conflicts among employees can be detrimental. But you will help your business run much more smoothly once you learn how to set ground rules that enable employees to take care of their conflicts on their own as much as possible!

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