Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How To Close A Sale

One of the most frustrating things when you are working in sales (and if you are in business in just about any capacity, you are working in sales in at least a small way!) can be when you have done everything properly to elevate someone's interest in the product or service you are attempting to sell them, only to reach the end of this process and realize that you have lost the sale; if you want to maximize your success in business, you will need to know how to successfully close sales - and the good news is, this is actually not all that difficult, as long as you know a few simple things.

The first thing you need to realize is that it will be important that you speak about everything that is involved in the deal as though it is already done; this can take a bit of practice before you really get used to it, but once you are able to convince yourself that every deal is a "done deal," you will be able to talk to the prospective buyer in this manner - and will be able to "convince" them that it is a done deal as well.
In addition to "making the decision for them" in this way, you will also want to help them make the final decision on their own by keeping everything positive; it is easy for people to see the potential negatives (no matter how random or unlikely these potential negatives might be!), and to shy away from making a purchase, but when you continually use a positive approach, you will be able to instill this positive thinking in the mind of the person to whom you are talking
And many salespeople are afraid to push the prospective buyer at the end, and because of this, they end up losing the sale. It is no secret to the person you are talking to that you are trying to make a sale - and that you want them to purchase whatever it is you are selling - so be willing to go all-out in your efforts to make this sale, pushing the person you are talking to and trying to get them to make that final decision that, in the long run, will make both of you happ.y.

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