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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Studying In Order To Advance In Business

Many people go through their whole careers thinking that the only way to get a promotion is to "know the right people," or to "just get lucky." While there is a small sliver of luck when it comes to advancing in business, however, most people give this sliver far more credit than it deserves! In fact, the place where many fail in business is not in luck, but in a failure to be prepared to take advantage of (or even recognize!) their opportunity when it shows up at last. If you are a small business owner, an employee at a large corporation, or even a manager who is hoping to move up higher in the ranks, you must come to understand the value of studying to advance in business.

If you are a small business owner, this study should take the shape of understanding what your competitors are doing. This study should go beyond simply the things you competitors do poorly; you should also take a good look at the things your strongest competitor does right!

If you are an employee in a large corporation, it can often feel as though it is impossible to ever get noticed. It can seem as though it is absolutely random whether an employee's hard work gets rewarded or not, as there are so many employees who are so similar to one another. This is the easiest position in which one can forget to keep studying, as it seems like all the study is yielding no dividends. But if you continue to increase in knowledge and expertise regarding the corporation for which you work, you will be prepared to seize your opportunity when it comes - and the law of averages holds that this opportunity will come in time!

It is very easy for managers to sit back and forget that there is still more to accomplish. But as a manager, it is important that you not only continue to study to open up doors for advancement, but that you also study in order to enlighten those in your charge!

Take thirty minutes each day to study a bit more about your business and the business around you, and you will be pleased with the growth of your knowledge and with your ability to seize your opportunity.

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