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Friday, January 17, 2014

How To Help Your Website Through Off-Site Factors

As far as search engine optimization goes, there are two main categories of things that influence the way in which search engines view your website: on-site factors, and off-site factors; of course, on-site factors are the things that you control directly - the things that are on your very own site - that will have a bearing in your search engine ranking, whereas off-site factors are the things that are less within the realm of your control, but one thing that will be important for you to realize about SEO is that you still can influence some of your off-site factors, even if you cannot control them completely!

Backlinks (which is the term for the links from another site that point people to your site) are one of the big things that will have an influence over your search engine ranking, and while you cannot always control how many links you receive or where your links come from, one thing you can do to influence your backlinks is reciprocal links - which is where you and another site decide to link to one another, in order to help both of you!

Another way to create backlinks (and to create extra exposure) is to share your site through social media - and while this does not carry nearly as much weight as it used to (largely due to the fact that this aspect of SEO was abused when it was weighted more heavily), it will still give you a small boost, and what's more, this small boost will be come much bigger if you can get lots of others to link to your site as well!

And of course, understand that you can link to your site from other sites of yours; of course, search engines are smart enough to realize when you are simply linking from one site of yours to another, but if you have built your sites to a place where they rank highly with search engines, you can get away with doing this every once in a while gaining a small boost in your search engine rankings as a result!

Don't be fooled by the idea that "off-site" factors are out of your control; you may not have as much influence over off-site factors as you do over on-site factors, but there are still things you can do to help your off-site factors work for you!

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