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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three Critical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

  Three Critical Affiliate Marketing  Mistakes

Don’t Make These Three Critical Mistakes

There are three big mistakes low level affiliates are making
on a routine basis that keep them from succeeding at the level
they want to operate on.

Mistake #1: Don’t Invest in a Good Autoresponder Tool

Your autoresponder tool is the crux of your whole operation. The entire thing is set
up on autopilot, and if it crashes, you’re going to lose your entire affiliate operation.
Skimp on your autoresponder and it might cause you to return to square one with your earnings.
I recommend Aweber – it’s the tool of choice for most marketers and has a high level of
support that helps your emails get through to various ISPs.

Mistake #2: Go After the Make Money Niche (when you haven’t made any)
Look, I know right now you’re absorbing all you can about making money online.
You see products everywhere teaching you how to make money overnight, and it makes you drool.
So your first instinct is to go after the make money niche – after all, it has you hooked,
doesn’t it? Here’s why you don’t want to go after the make money niche – all of your subscribers
will know what you’re up to!

Try promoting to people who are also learning the tools of the trade is more difficult.
Some of them opt out the minute they see two promotions in a row (so you get a much higher opt out rate).
Others will know that you’re using affiliate links and they’ll go buy the same product through their
own link, effectively stealing your commission out from under you.
Dog owners, singles, and golfers (for example) don’t pick your emails apart as a marketing strategy.
To them, you’re just a great guy (or girl) delivering fantastic free information to them on a regular

Mistake #3: Starting Off Soft and Leading to a Hard Sell

When someone signs up to your list, they get a feel for who you are right off the bat.
Do you email daily, weekly, monthly? Do you have a promotional link in every email,
or every once in a blue moon?

Get them primed to receive affiliate links in every single email by starting out with a system
that does it early on. Don’t send out four emails with no links and suddenly begin bombarding
them with sales pitches. They won’t react well.

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