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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A way to the top of Google?

              All-in-one Traffic

    The other day I was talking with an old friend of mine who has a business selling health products through her website. She's spent a lot of money developing her website and her product is one of the best out there, but she just wasn't getting enough visitors to her site to make it all worthwhile. She told me that a couple of months ago when she searched for her site on Google it was on page six.
     Page six! Who ever looks on page six?! The amazing thing is that now she's on page #1 for her region and things are finally picking up.

      It sounded to me like she'd employed some smart alec search engine optimization company to fix up her website, but she said no -- she did it all herself! I was astonished to say the least. Let me say this lady is NOT a webmaster extraordinaire or a marketing guru. She's just a single mom making products on her kitchen table. How did she get so good at search engine optimization?

      She told me that someone had put her onto a free program called Traffic Travis. "It's harder to explain than it is to use!" she joked. Basically it's a piece of software with all the tools used by these professional search engine optimization companies. It helps you find the right search terms to focus on, then it analyzes your site, analyzes your competitors' sites, shows you your linking relationships and pulls all the information you need into one screen.

      You have to remember, though, that this lady is just a stay-at-home mom who didn't know her Google PR from her elbow. Fortunately the software came with tutorials that explained important concepts as well as how to use the software, AND some really comprehensive bonus material which revealed all the tricks and theory behind the search engines. "Once you start to read about it you just want to learn more. And then once you've learned more, you want to analyze your site down to its bones. And then you want to analyze everyone else. It's totally addictive! I never knew that stuff was there!"

     Armed with this knowledge she was able to tweak her site and within a couple of weeks she was seeing a real increase in traffic. "The site is finally starting to pay for itself! It's my baby, it's so nice to see it growing!"

     If you've got an online business struggling because you're simply not getting enough visitors, then I encourage you to take my friend's lead.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to set up a good email sales funnel


So you’ve got your basics set up for your email marketing campaign
and you’re ready to start generating some passive online income.
The sales funnel is an important factor in making passive profits,
so it must be set up and tweak properly to ensure maximal profits.

Here’s some useful tips and techniques for setting up a good email sales funnel.
 Your opt-in gift must be congruent with your paid product. So if you’re offering  an e-book, give them an e-book. If you’re offering a video course, give   them a video course

Spread out emails. There’s no rush to make a sale, so don’t spam them everyday just so that you’ll make a sale. Remember, a person has to look at an ad for 7 times before he can remember it. That being said, you should focus on providing value and information slowly throughout a period of a few weeks before you wish to promote your products.

Focus on value. Since we’re talking about good value, always remember, you will be paid proportionate to the amount of value you provide to your customers. So in your initial emails, heed lots of attention to the value you provide to your customers.

Once they’ve tuned into your list and start to like your free stuff, your paid stuff will be even better.

Finally, you’ve given enough value, it’s time to make a sale. Make sure your promo emails focus on the benefits of your product and how it can solve your customers problems and you’ll be swimming in profits in no time!

Remember, there are no shortcuts to success, focus on providing value and you’ll be on the right track.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

List building income : Thank you pages

Thank you pages :
  1. Important as it established good will with subscribers
  2. Customers are the heart of your online business
  3. Keep it simple
So you managed to get visitors to your sites to read through your
squeeze page and they even managed to sign up to your list.
Not all visitors will participate but it’s a numbers game. Show your
subscribers that you care by offering a nice thank you page.

After all they, friends, and acquaintances are going to be the key  to providing
 that passive income.
Don’t neglect this important aspect of lead generation. Another way
to show your thanks is to send emails that serve this purpose too.
Though this can usually be handled via the Autoresponder it doesn’t
hurt to provide extra confidence and gratitude for your subscribers.
They are the heart of your campaigns online  and should be treated as such.
 As a rule keep them brief and to the point without a lot of frills.

Thank you pages can also serve as a good place to conveniently
place a link to the product you are selling within the niche. This
is a good opportunity to acquire an instant sale based on the content
of the squeeze page.

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