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Friday, October 07, 2016

The Best Investment Books, For Every Investor

Your 2016 years earning plan: STEP -BY-STEP

Each year, there are hundreds of new investment books published. Some of these books tell you that you can use them to get rich quick by investing a certain way. Other books claim to be full of "tried and true" principles. Some books try to help you make money in the long run, and others know exactly how to play the market right now. Some of these books are written by those who have had great success in the stock market, and other books have been written by those whose portfolio you would not like to have yourself. With so many options out there each year, it begs the question: Which books are the right books? The answer to this question is actually quite simple: forget about all these books published in the last couple years, and go back to the ones that have stood the test of time. While there are certainly books published recently that could help you a great deal, it is important to first lay a foundation with books that have been proven to be invaluable. Whether you are a new investor or have been building your portfolio for ages, these three books are full of wisdom and advice that can help you moving forward.

1) The Intelligent Investor: This book is considered a must-read, even though Ben Graham originally published it way back in 1934. In fact, Warren Buffett has called this book "the best investing book ever written."

2) The Essays Of Warren Buffett: Speaking of Warren Buffett, this is a collection of his essays, arranged by topic and relevance. While you certainly cannot go wrong reading Buffett's thoughts on investing, this book is a great starting point, as it will help you in every area of investing.

3) Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits & Other Writings: In this book, Philip Fisher examines the fifteen qualities of an excellent business. These thoughts from one of the greatest financial minds in history will certainly aid you in expanding your own portfolio.

Many people consider to the stock market to be something a lot like gambling, and they think anyone who makes money at it is just plain lucky, but by following the tips of these men who knew how to make the market work for them, you can start to do the same yourself.

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