Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Is A Business Degree Right For Me?

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If you will soon be heading off to college - or if you are already in college and are trying to decide what you want to major in - one of the degrees that will probably stand out to you as a 'good, solid choice' is a business degree. After all, 'business' covers so many areas, and even if you do not know what you want to do after college, there is a pretty good chance that you can achieve your goals if you have a business degree in hand - right?

Actually, it turns out that a degree in business might not be nearly as useful as it once was - and here is why.

Over the years, Business has grown into the major that students tend to choose when they do not quite know what they would like to do after school, and in addition to there already being lots of people interested in business, this creates a situation where large numbers of students are in every single class. Because each professor is likely teaching a handful of classes throughout the week - and because all of these classes have a large number of students - these professors are unlikely to hand out any "writing" assignments that are terribly difficult; which has been proven lately to be a mistake, as companies are looking to hire employees who know how to write!

A business degree can still be a valuable thing to have if you are truly interested in business - but you should seriously consider pairing your business degree with a degree in another area of study that will require you to do a lot of writing in order to obtain a degree. Even though such majors as English, History, or Philosophy have long been seen as degrees that do not have much practical application in "the real world," the starting income for those who have such degrees is actually higher these days than for those with business degrees - so as you choose your major, you should keep this fact in mind!

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