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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Targeting Your Target Market

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In order to increase your chances of success in business, one of the most important things you can do is advertise. But of course, you have to know what your target market is before you can advertise. After all, without knowing who your target market is, you will not know how to advertise in a way that will be effective for your target market. Once you have figured out what your target market is, it is time for the next step: learning how to direct your advertising at your target market. Follow these tips in order to target your target market.

One of the first things you should realize, in marketing, is that people buy products for one of three main reasons: to satisfy a need, to solve a problem, or to make themselves feel good. Before you can effectively advertise your product, you need to know why your target market is purchasing your product! This is the angle you will want to play up in your advertising.

The next step in targeting your target market effectively is this: learn how to break your target market down into smaller pieces, instead of looking at the whole. It is easy to say, "Our target market is 18-34-year-olds," but it is much more difficult to tailor your advertising so that it catches such a broad group at once. For instance, is your target market typically affluent, or are they more likely to be middle-class? Is your target market married or unmarried, male or female? Are you trying to sell to the blue collar work force or the white collar? By breaking your target market down into smaller pieces, you will have a better understanding of how to market to them.

Finally, you need to actually take the time to do your research! A lot of businesses skip this step, deciding that they "know everything already," and they miss a lot of little things that could help them. The more research you do, the more effective you can make your advertising. A little bit of time in this area can go a long way toward achieving success.

Of course, marketing is an important part of any business or company. But without effective marketing, the whole idea of marketing loses its importance completely! Figure out what your target market is, and use this knowledge to target them effectively.

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