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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Working A Job You Enjoy

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Lots of people work jobs they do not enjoy, and even though, for each person in one such situation, this job perhaps enables them to do other things they enjoy, they often feel that it is not worth it for the amount of time they are spending; while it may not be possible to simply switch to a job that you absolutely love, it is certainly possible to switch to a job that you enjoy more – and to keep your eyes open for that job that you absolutely love in the meantime!

Figuring out where your priorities are is the first thing you should do to find a job you enjoy; for some people, the most important thing to do is to make good money, and they are fine working a job they do not truly enjoy in order to make this dream a reality. For others, however, working a truly enjoyable job, even if it pays less money, is far more worthwhile, as they are able to go to work each day excited rather than dreading the day ahead of them.

A lot of people also imagine that if they worked for their own self, work would be a lot better, and while this is sometimes true, it can also be absolutely untrue; if you truly dream of owning a small business, one thing you should realize is that you will often make less money than you would at another job – at least, this will be the case as you get your business off the ground – and what's more, it will actually be a whole lot more work! If you are truly passionate about owning your own business, the extra work and the decrease in pay will be well worth it; but if you would rather have more time off, or make more money, you might be better to stay in your own job!

And one problem some people run into as they look for a job they truly enjoy is that they allow themselves to remain stuck in a job they hate until they find that dream job; if you hate your job, realized that there is always a better job out there, and it is well worth taking the time to switch jobs – even if you have not yet found that job you absolutely love!

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