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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marketing Once You Have the Consumer's Permission

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Marketing is in the middle of a drastic movement of change. Audiences of consumers no longer want to be marketed through interruptions in their different forms of entertainment. These old methods are still being used, like magazine ads or commercials on the tv, but they aren't the best ways to advertise any longer. Instead consumers have developed defenses for these types of ads. If they can recognize that they are being sold to they will tune out the media trying to do it.

Instead the best way to market now involves a more lengthy process. You must first get someone’s permission to advertise to them. This can be accomplished in a few various methods. A few examples are to offer a free item in return for a survey or to offer a large discount on an item they want to buy. All of these different things involve the customer spending some time to interact with you. Developing a long lasting relationship will then be much easier for you to accomplish.

The time of a customer is extremely valuable and their permission to occupy it is gold to a business. Using the internet is the best way to offer these perks. Physically offering a discount for an item or a coupon on one can incur many costs for a business. There would be a need for physical coupon copies, stamps and envelopes. The internet allows you to eliminate many of these costly supplies so you can offer them your product easily.

When you market in this way people will statistically pay attention to what you are trying to sell them. Their attention span will also be longer than in other times. This marketing is no different than any other kind in terms of its transparency. The customer will be ok with you marketing to them though and this is what makes this method different. They know that even though they may not want to buy what you are selling, they will still be getting something they want in return for their time.

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