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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marketing Once You Have the Consumer's Permission

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Marketing is in the middle of a drastic movement of change. Audiences of consumers no longer want to be marketed through interruptions in their different forms of entertainment. The old methods of advertising are very cost ineffective in today's world and magazine ads or tv commercials are starting to go away. Instead consumers have developed defenses for these types of ads. If they can recognize that they are being sold to they will tune out the media trying to do it.

Instead the best way to market now involves a more lengthy process. Getting permission to advertise to someone is now the best way for you to do the marketing. This can be done in many different ways. You can offer a valuable coupon for an item that interests them or directly discount this item straight up. The customer will spend time interacting with you when they partake in any of these ways. At this point you will be on the way to developing a relationship with them.

A business can find great value in the permission a consumer grants to their extremely valuable time. Using the internet is the best way to offer these perks. If you wanted to physically offer a discount or coupon, there would be many costs involved. You would need envelopes, stamps, and physical copies of the coupons. You can market this way much cheaper through the use of the internet since it can help to eliminate all of these costs.

The statistics say that marketing in this way results in people paying more attention to the product being sold. Their attention span will also be longer than in other times. Any form of marketing today is rather transparent and this one is really no different. The difference is they will be ok with it since they are also getting something in return. Even if you are marketing something that they do not want to buy from you they are getting something of value to them in return for their attentions.

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