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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Marketing Once You Have the Consumer's Permission

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A drastic movement of change is taking place in the world of marketing. Gone are the days where the most effective form of marketing is through interruptions in entertainment. Magazine ads, commercials, and direct mailings are still being used but are no longer the most cost effective ways to advertise. Instead consumers have developed defenses for these types of ads. They are able to effectively avoid advertisements once they know that they are being sold.

Marketing now involves a process that is lengthier but also more efficient. Getting permission to advertise to someone is now the best way for you to do the marketing. This can be accomplished in a few various methods. A few examples are to offer a free item in return for a survey or to offer a large discount on an item they want to buy. The customer will spend time interacting with you when they partake in any of these ways. Accomplishing a long lasting relationship with them is something you can then do.

The time of a customer is extremely valuable and their permission to occupy it is gold to a business. The use of the internet is the best way to do this. There will be many costs involved for those offering surveys for items or coupons. Physical copies of the offer, envelopes, and stamps would all be needed. These costly supplies can be eliminated by the use of the internet thus allowing you to market this way much cheaper.

People pay attention to what you are trying to sell them if you market in this way according to statistics. Their attention span will also be longer than in other times. Any form of marketing today is rather transparent and this one is really no different. The difference is they will be ok with it since they are also getting something in return. Even if you are marketing something that they do not want to buy from you they are getting something of value to them in return for their attentions.

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