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Monday, April 13, 2015

Customer Loyalty: The Backbone of Any Successful Business

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Anyone that has ever owned a business can attest that customer loyalty is the back bone of it. There are many other benefits that are essential to a thriving business that can emerge from high customer loyalty. The question becomes how do you increase customer loyalty? Customer loyalty isn't built out of one practice, but rather a multitude of them that can help increase it. A book that includes details on many of the facets of customer loyalty and how to employ them has been released by the Harvard Business Review.

Making sure your customers are coming back and bringing new customers with them is the main ideas behind customer loyalty. The idea itself is rather easy to understand but executing it is another story. To start on the path towards this kind of success make sure that your employees enjoy their jobs. Spreading their happiness to your customer will be much easier if your employees are happy at work. This will result in all of your customers feeling that your business is a great place to buy from.

Making sure that any negative situation that a customer initiates is turned positive is the next important step. Your happy employees will need to be trained in this skill, but should be willing to learn. Deepening a relationship is something that can be done easily when a customer brings a problem to you. Start with the idea of never saying no to a customer, make sure that they know you are making an exception just for them, and then exceed their expectations for a solution. Not only will this type of interaction will result in loyal customers, but also customers who refer.

Extensive research has been done by the Harvard Business Review and they have discovered certain steps that business owners can use to improve loyalty of their customers. The book goes into much more detail on the subject, much further than the ideas briefly listed above. Many of their suggestions are based on customer service, but customer loyalty is rooted in other arenas as well. All the topics concerning customer loyalty are reviewed to help you build a well rounded plan.

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