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Friday, January 30, 2015

Tips For Playing Ultimate Frisbee On The Beach

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Putting together a game of ultimate frisbee is always lots of fun, as long as you have enough people and are in a place where there is enough room to put together a successful game, but even though just about any place can be made into a "good" place for playing ultimate frisbee, the beach can be made into a "great" place for playing ultimate frisbee!

Of course, a game of ultimate frisbee on the beach will present you with a handful of challenges, not the least of which is the fact that beaches are often packed with people, and it can be difficult to make sure you are avoiding others while you are playing; in order to make sure you are not ruining someone else's beach day while you are having fun, mark off an area for the game where no one else is, and make sure the boundaries of the game are clear enough that no one will try to come and sit in the middle of your game while you are playing!

Figuring out exactly what you will use as the boundaries when you are trying to put together a game of ultimate frisbee on the beach is another obstacle to overcome, as it can be difficult to determine exactly where the boundaries should be and what the boundaries are; one solution is to be a bit flexible with the boundaries, as this will prevent disputes - and another solution is to allow everything (including the water!) to be a part of the playing field, so that the only thing you will have to worry about is where the end zones are.

And when you put together a beach game of ultimate frisbee, realize that it is likely that you will find others who come up to you asking if they can jump in the game. You can increase your fun and meet new people when you add strangers to the game, so make sure you are staying open to adding new people - and as long as you continue to keep teams evenly numbered, this should not be any problem at all, and you can have an "ultimate" game of ultimate frisbee!

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