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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tips For Resolving Conflicts With Extended Family

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There are a lot of things that go into the process of resolving conflicts, but when it comes to conflicts with extended family, these "lots of things" can grow to include even more elements; after all, conflicts with a close friend or family member must be resolved, or frustration and bitterness can end up festering until it compromises the relationship, but when it comes to extended family, there are plenty of times when it is best to simply leave the conflict alone.

One of the main things that can cause "conflicts that really don't matter" to still end up getting dragged on for ages is the fact that neither side particularly wants to be "wrong"; when you are dealing with a conflict with an extended family member, however - that is, someone you rarely see, and with whom you rarely interact - realize that it is often better to allow yourself to "be wrong," even if you know that you are honestly right.

On top of realizing that it is okay to "be wrong" when it comes to conflict with an extended member of your family, it will often also be important for you to be willing to simply drop it; it can be easy for unsolved conflicts to remain a factor because someone keeps bringing it up, but make sure you are not the one bringing up the conflict in the future - and if your counterpart brings it up, do your best to change the subject right away.

And finally, when you are dealing with an unsolved conflict with an extended family member, you have to be willing to move on; this means that you need to move on in your interactions with this person, as well as moving on in your head!

Dealing with conflict with anyone is never any fun - let alone when you are dealing with someone you see every once in a while, but do not see often enough for the conflict to "have to be resolved" - but when you take this approach to handling your conflict, you will have no problem moving on, without this conflict continuing to affect you!

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