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Monday, January 12, 2015

Tips For Breaking In New Boots

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If you recently purchased a new pair of cowboy boots or work boots, you might want to "get out there" right away - wearing them all the time - but before you do this, the first thing you will need to make sure you do is take the right steps to break in the boots. It might seem like a nuisance to try to break in your boots, but if you fail to do so, you could end up with some aching feet and some painful blisters, and it will make it worth your while to break in your boots so you can avoid these consequences!

Wearing your boots is actually the first part of breaking in your boots - and this even means that you can wear them "out" if you want to - but you should only wear them for short stretches early on. As you wear the boots - spending time going through your normal activities while wearing them - they will form more fully to your feet, and your feet will get used the contours of the inside of the boot, both of which will move you further from "pain" and closer to "comfort."

After you have given your boots seven or eight short stretches of wear, you can start doing some "serious walking" in them; take four or five different times to walk around your neighborhood (or around a nearby hiking trail) in your new boots, as this will get your boots used to walking. You can speed up the "breaking in" process by making an effort to walk over uneven terrain - even stepping up and down from curbs, or going out of your way to step on rocks - as this will go a long way in breaking in your boots.

After you have accomplished these steps, you will be able to start wearing your boots around whenever you like, wherever you go - knowing that the boots are broken in, and that they will feel good on your feet instead of giving you nasty aches and painful blisters!

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