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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taking A Look At The Tiger's Wife

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One of the best times of year for finding new books to read is summer, as it is always pleasant to relax out by the beach while you make your way through a new novel; one problem a lot of people face, however, is that while they want to read new authors, they may not have time to actually find new authors who they will enjoy. While tastes certainly have a tendency to vary from reader to reader, one place to go these days for impressive new authors is the recent list put out by the New Yorker, in which they list the “20 best authors under the age of 40."

The youngest author on the list the New Yorker released last year was Tea Ohbret, and her debut novel “The Tigers Wife” has since become a sensation; Ohbret grew up in Yugoslavia and moved to the States at the age of 12, and she uses this background as a catalyst for her debut novel.

The Tigers Wife” is – on the surface – the story of a young woman and her relationship with her grandfather who just passed away; but even beyond this, the story is about the changes in a country, the changes inherent in growing up, and the changes in the way people tend to see the world as the experiences in their lives tend to build upon one another. In "The Tigers Wife," you will come across writing that is extremely polished and controlled, with no words missing, and with no extra words where they could be left out, which gives the reader a sensational reading experience that causes them to feel enraptured by and encapsulated within the story.

Of course (as is the case with any book!), this book is not for everyone; if you prefer fast-paced thrillers, it is unlikely that you will enjoy this novel, but if you enjoy sitting down with a beautifully written piece of literature, consider picking up "The Tigers Wife," and you just might find that you have stumbled upon the perfect summer read for you.

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