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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Staying Healthy By Jumping Rope

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There are plenty of ways to stay in shape effectively, but some people enjoy changing up the approach they are taking to their workout, and others, quite frankly, are not a fan of the typical options such as "walking and jogging." Whatever the case, many people find that exploring new options to stay fit is great for them, and if you are exploring new options, jumping rope is a great one to look at. Jumping rope exercises your legs, of course, but that is not all it does; jumping rope also exercises your arms, your shoulders, your chest, and your abs - all at once!

If you have back problems or knee problems, you should definitely think twice before picking up a jump rope, as jumping rope can cause issues for those who deal with these problems. For others, however, jumping rope can be a great workout that is relatively low-impact; best of all, it can be done at home, and it will not take up a whole bunch of your day!

Buying the right equipment is, of course, the first step to jumping rope; the biggest part of the equipment is the jump rope itself. And as for clothes, you should be able to get by with regular workout clothes - some good walking or running shoes and some athletic apparel. As for the jump rope itself, you will be surprised how much some jump ropes cost! If you want a quality product without paying extra money for things you do not really need, you simply need to find a simple, straightforward jump rope from a reputable company.

When it comes to actually jumping rope, you should start out with a low count, as you might not register the fatigue until later. Put yourself on a schedule, gradually increasing the repetitions and the speed over time, and as you follow this schedule, you will see a big difference in your body!

Jumping rope can be done outdoors, or - if the weather is bad and you have high enough ceilings - can even be done on tile in your foyer or kitchen. And once you get into it, you will start to see that jumping rope is a great full-body workout that you can engage in without even feeling like you are working out!

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