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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Plant Propagation

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Have you ever looked around your neighborhood and drooled over the wonderful plants your neighbors have growing only to feel upset that you can’t afford to do the same? With a little know how and time, you can achieve the same landscaping. A number of garden plants are easily propagated cheaply once you know what you are doing. In a short amount of time and with one or two plants you can turn them into an entire garden.

You can propagate plants in a number of ways depending on the type. Some plants are easy to propagate such as sedum, day lillies, and hostas. Simply dig wide of the plant to save as much roots as posible and remove it in clumps. After the clump is dug out. Wipe down the blade of your shovel with a 10% bleach solution. This helps to not introduce bacteria or viruses that may be carried on your shovel when diving the plant. It is as simple as chopping through the center of the plant bunch in order to divide it in two. Then replant each bunch and make sure to water it well for the next two weeks. It is actually very important to divide perennials often to keep them healthy.

Plants like coleus, and herbs can be rooted from cuttings. Before cutting the plant make sure you again soak your tools in a 10% bleach solution. Baby food jars are a great container to use to root cuttings. Then fill the jars with vermiculite and water until the vermiculite is moist. Cut a fourth of an inch below where the second set of leaves attach to the stem. Remove the set of leaves and dip the new cut end into the rooting compound. Then carefully plant the cutting into the vermiculite. It should start to root within the next couple weeks. Make sure you keep your vermiculite moist but not overly soaking.

Gardeners guide to propagation is a great book to learn more about plant propagation.

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