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Friday, January 16, 2015

Exploring The Movie Capote

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If you are a fan of literature, or if you are a fan of great movies, or if you are simply interested in watching as many different movies as you can, one movie that will be especially great for you to add to your list is the movie Capote.

Near the very end of 1959 (both in real life, and in the movie), in an otherwise unremarkable town in Kansas, a brutal - and seemingly inexplicable - quadruple murder occurred, and Truman Capote (who at the time was one of the most well-known writers in America, having published Breakfast at Tiffanys and become friends with every significant celebrity of the time) decided to travel to the town to write a story for The New Yorker about the killings and the effect they had on the town. Shortly after Capote arrived in the town, however (along with Harper Lee - who Capote grew up with, and who would soon publish the enduring classic To Kill A Mockingbird), he realized that he needed more space for the story than The New Yorker would allow; he needed to write a book.

The movie Capote follows the author (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman - who won a Best Actor Oscar for playing the enigmatic Capote) as he dives into both the town and the story - with the movie really taking on life when the killers are caught, and when Capote forms a close bond with one of the two men who conducted this brutal slaying of an innocent and unarmed family.

This movie is not only remarkable for its story - which is, in itself, a masterful depiction of the writing of one of the most significant works in the history of American literature - but it is also remarkable for the cinematography, the directing, and most of all the acting. Even if you are not a fan of literature, you will surely enjoy watching Philip Seymour Hoffman control the screen in an incredibly demanding role; and of course, if you are a fan of literature, you will love watching Capote to see the story of the writing of In Cold Blood - one of the most important works of literature to ever come out of the American landscape.

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