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Sunday, July 07, 2013

List building - Article marketing in a nutshell

   Article marketing is an effective tool for spreading the word about your web business. In a nutshell article marketing consists of writing short articles that are pertinent to the niche you are targeting and posting them online.
     These articles can be posted at a variety of websites catered for this purpose such as Squidoo or Hubpages. This technique has been used for about as long as media in print form has been around. Newspapers would grant space to businesses or companies who would write helpful articles and in return the paper would publish their contact information. This arrangement benefitted both the newspaper and the company offering to provide the articles.

      In today’s world of web business, article marketing works in much the same way except that it is free to publish articles and special sites exist for this purpose. Articles are not limited by the amount of space either as any website that allows you to publish your articles is practically limitless in terms of how many articles can be published and in what topic.

       People will use a search engine to find out information or look for products and then your article could appear if it is in the appropriate niche and this can then cause the visitor to hit your site and maybe join your list if it looks good or the article is of high quality. Building credibility and influence is important to convincing visitors to opt in for your lead list.

     Don’t have time to write a bunch of targeted articles in your niche? No problem, there are plenty of resources online where you can hire people to do the writing for you for a nominal fee. Rates vary depending on the quality you desire but this is a legitimate and widely used method for populating article hubs with content to help drive visitors to your promotions and/or products.

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