Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Build An E-course With Autoresponders

How To Build An E-course With Autoresponders

If you’re thinking of selling an e-course, we’ve made it super simple for you to get it all set up.

The best part? You can charge for your e-course with our PayPal app – and you don’t need any special tech knowledge to do it.

Just focus on writing your email series, and let AWeber and PayPal handle the technical side for you. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Make A List

Create a new subscriber list in your autoresponder account specifically for your e-course. It’s better to use a new list to keep yourself and your subscribers organized.

Step 2: Write Your Series

Write your e-course as a series of autoresponders – aka follow ups.

Why autoresponders and not plain broadcasts? Because autoresponders send themselves automatically to anyone who registers for your e-course at any time. A person who signs up late can still start fresh at the very beginning of your series.

You can also space the messages out to send automatically over the timeframe you think is appropriate for your course.

Plus, it saves you time. Instead of having to create a new email every week, you can write your entire course in advance and have it go out on its own.

Step 3: Hook Up The App

First, set up a subscription in PayPal for your e-course – their site has quick and easy instructions. You’ll also get a button to put on your site that people can click on to register and pay for your course.

Then, use our PayPal app to set up payment and registration for your e-course – it’s super simple to set up. The app lets you choose a specific list to add people to once PayPal processes their payment – this is where that separate e-course list comes in handy!

Step 4: Launch!
Put your registration button on your site. You’re ready to launch your new e-course!

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