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List Building Automation in Review

;List Building Automation

We review a lot of products on this blog covering essentials to Internet Marketing, with the aim of helping you decide which products are a good fit for you and which ones you should consider passing up in your search for solid and useful information.

Specifically in this blog post, I will cover a brand new eleven part video system created by Matt Callen, "List Building Automation". For many people looking to build a business online this will be a great system however, for people who like to take chances and live on the edge it may not.

This is an overview of what the List Building Automation system provides so you can decide if this system is for you.

He could have just as well called this series "Business Building Automation" rather than strictly, "List Building" because of everything it encompasses.

In the opening video, he hits the ground running, when he compares two business models, both generating online income, paid advertising and list building. Through the paid advertising business model he originally created a lot of success for himself, but then later on, he nearly failed  due to this models unsustainable reliance on specific services provided by a third party.

He noted, when you rely on a third party and it changes direction overnight, you are forced into changing your own direction overnight as well, to survive.

He has shown that he can make almost any system profitable, but by divulging his own humbling near failure, in using the first business model, he creates a compelling reason for creating a system that is more broad based, robust and diverse. The second business model, which he teaches in this series, uses a solid list as the driving force.

"Building a solid list", he explains, "is the only way to achieve a reliable stream of income and also build an asset which will continue to grow regardless of changes that take place around you".

Google, Facebook and the other big players may change, affecting how you recruit people to your list. But having a strong list of customers will sustain you while you adjust to the new rules or pricing structures. Most importantly, the methods for building a list can be broad and you can spread out your lead gathering across many systems (even some internal systems for lead gathering!). Therefore, you will always be able to grow your list regardless of changes made by the big players on the web with Matt's new system!

While other systems for making money online may make it possible to make a fast buck, his experience has shown him that is not enough. He believes that if your source of income can disappear virtually overnight that is no way to run a business.

If you are lucky and hit an online gold rush at the right time, you may not care that it will eventually dry up, because you can make a lot of money very quickly. However, when the party is over, no matter how much money they make, most people feel as though they are left with a hangover. Worse yet, they'll need to start over creating a whole business from scratch, researching and relearning, where and how to find the next big gold rush, with the unnerving pressure of knowing, it too will eventually dry up. Who really wants to live on a "break or bust" roller coaster?

From reviewing Mr. Callen's new "List Building Automation" system, I think what we find, is a more mature marketer who is still as quick and as thorough in his research as ever and possesses a strong gift for making money. However, through his own experiences, he now seems less inclined to take the risks that he once did.

His focus in this system is building up and protecting a strong list of customers with which to sell to, again and again. This video series presents a new system that is equally balanced between securing new leads and profiting, in a controlled manner.

List Building Automation
Matt lays out an entire strategy for building a business online.
Following a cautious step-by-step system, he outlines buying a first domain, making websites, writing copy, and adding list-building multipliers. He teaches how to create products, actually write each email and more. He also goes as far as explaining how to duplicate the entire system again and again, in a scalable plan for multiplying success-using most of your previous efforts!

Unlike, some of Mr. Callens early plans, this program essentially makes the business pay for itself during the start-up phases and expansion process.

Gone from this system are any high stakes risks. You won't need to spend large sums of money to see results.

What you will find in this video series is a more pragmatic system that may not make you rich overnight but should make you very wealthy a year from now if you do everything correctly.

As the name of his video course implies he focuses a bunch of attention on automation and setting up hands free systems. Each part of the system then works independently to take orders, deliver products etc. even generating new leads! The work and worry with this system is essentially nothing.

Each step that Matt outlines in this system, which requires him to recommend reliance on third a party, he now also includes a well-researched contingency plan with alternate options to keep your business going, come hell or high water.

Many of the options he provides are free, so overall someone could set-up and follow his system with a small investment in time and money, most likely somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty to one hundred dollars and the whole system can be managed in less than three hours a week, if you wish.

His whole theme throughout this video series is creating a system that is self-supporting and can be maintained effectively in just a few hours a week. Although this system can be almost self sufficient with little maintenance, it can also be scaled up for the marketer who would like to spend more time and resources to create even more profits.

In this video series, he devotes almost no time to discussing the process of picking a good niche. However, he does construct a system that can be set up in almost any niche, and make a profit. He also describes how using research of the demographics in any niche you can learn to set up almost duplicate systems, profiting from similar markets. He shows you how you can create duplicate lists this way and multiply your profits re-using most of your original work.

Matt does a great job of breaking down how to capture leads effectively using multiple methods. One of these more traditional methods, the capture page or "squeeze" page as some people call it, is extensively outlined and dissected. By dissecting the lead capturing page the way he does, his system is more informative than most of the Internet Marketing courses that have come across my desk recently.

Among many other forms of getting leads he also reveals a totally unique method he describes as the "boot strap" method, which doesn't even require a landing page for capturing leads effectively, this also is a method almost no one else is teaching or using at this time.

Because this business model relies so heavily on email lists, he talks fairly about things other marketers like to hide from newbies. Like the fact, that having a list with a lot of email addresses is one thing, while actually getting emails delivered to the inboxes and not spam folders, is yet another. He also makes sure that you know getting it into the inbox is only the first step and that success only occurs when your email gets past three more steps: 1) getting your email opened 2) getting it read and 3) making the sale.  This is why he has set up the entire system with this last step in mind, and has built into each section a means to that end.

By focusing on this one goal of making a sale from the very start, he is able to automate much of the process and pair down all of the excess steps recommended by other marketers. In other words, he creates a simple-affordable-scalable business model that almost anyone can implement. While you may not to get rich, overnight with this system, by following this system your workload will be minimal and you will achieve some success almost immediately. Best of all you will be building a more solid and lasting success almost effortlessly, over time.

My recommendation is that if you are looking for a solid system that is complete, cautious and affordable, this is the video series for you. It is a good solid plan for anyone who plans to stay in Internet marketing for the long haul and wants to grow an actual business. If however, you are more of a gambler who is out for the fast buck and don't mind taking huge risks, then this system may not be right for you.

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