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Monday, June 22, 2009

Auto Responder Improvements-Auto Responder Marketing Guide

If you're seriously interested in knowing about Autoresponder,
you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article
takes a closer look at things you need to know about Autoresponder.

Marketing through auto responder series is a popular strategy
to increase repeat website visits and sales. Here is a popular


Instead of trying to publish a small daily or weekly eZines,
try publishing one large monthly eZine (similar to a monthly
magazine) as an e-book format delivered via auto responder,
preferably an Adobe .pdf file. You could have it made up of
a large number of articles per issue and insert regularly
featured areas throughout like inspirational quotes, industry
tips, favorite sites and advice from the pros. You could
also insert full-color graphics, multimedia components like
audio / video file links and ads. Then you can charge a monthly
rate, with an annual discounted package purchase, and sell
advertising spots to sprinkle in your auto responder
announcements for each issue and with an informational
series to announce your monthly eZine to new prospects.

In summary, by using customized marketing techniques like an
eZine eBook, tailored to fit your own products and services,
you can reach out and increase your website traffic and sales
opportunities. Internet marketing can mean more ways to grow
your business.

Stuck in an auto responder rut with only your eZine going
out regularly? Get out of the rut with some of these ideas
for improvements.

1. Provide back issues of your eZine archives via your
auto responder instead of hosting all your archives online.
This will give your subscribers and web site visitors easy
access to them and offers a chance to include graphics,
audio and video and other components all rolled up in
pdf files for quick, easy download.

2. Help with tech issues and publish your entire web site,
save it in a pdf file, and load it into an auto responder.
Sometimes visitors don't have enough time read your entire
site or they lose their Internet connection or time online.
So this way, they could print it out and read it offline.

3. You could offer your eBook via an auto responder. Often
your visitors won't have to download it or have the
software to read it right away, so this way they can take
it “to go”.

4. For a handy - -and nice legal - touch, you could include
the terms and conditions to purchase transactions and load
them into an auto responder that is triggered with each
purchase. This could include return policies, purchases,
refunds etc.

The Internet offers many means of affordable marketing with
auto responders. Here are a couple of popular ways of using them.

Some webmasters set up link or article directories on
their sites. They create a directory on a specific industry
topic, placing their own ad or banner along the top. Then
they invite others to add their website links via a link
exchange program, listing themselves in your directory. Or
they invite articles to be submitted that include a resource
box at the bottom of each with a link to the author’s website.
This results on increased traffic as sites link up across
the World Wide Web. Enter “link exchange software” or “article
directory software” into a favorite search engine for help
with each.

Some marketers write up a simple step-by-step instructional
class in their area of expertise. Then they break it up into
smaller portions or messages and set them up in an auto
responder as email messages, including short ads within each
message to invite sales & website visits. Then they invite
website visitors to sign up through on online form or email
subscription address offered through the auto responder
service. As people sign up, they will learn more about the
products and services through the teaching series.

Improve your marketing and sales with some auto responder
Improvements. Try some of these:

1. Publish free reports to send via your auto responder.
The reports should be related to your business or web
site & contain info, ads and links to your sites. People
love getting freebies.

2. Collect vital customer satisfaction information by
publishing a survey to send via auto responder to those
who sign up on your site in exchange for a free eBook,
software or trial period at your membership site. This
type of information will help you understand their needs,
likes & dislikes better.

3. Instead of answering each customer question that is
e-mailed to you, publish "Frequently Ask Questions" and
make them available via auto responder to those who sign
up. To save time and support headaches.

4. Instead of publishing all of your customer testimonials
or endorsements on your website, publish only a few there.
And set up an auto responder form that invites visitors to
receive a complete list via your. Give them a power-packed
list; it's more effective to include all of them.

Mix and match. Change your auto responder strategy to
change your auto responder results.

Don't limit yourself by refusing to learn the details
about Autoresponder. The more you know, the easier it
will be to focus on what's important.

Eugenijus Sakalauskas publisher
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8 Tips for Building Your Email Lists

A popular Internet battle cry states that “the money is in your
list”. It’s true that you can make a lot of money by building a
list of opt-in subscribers.

Establishing trust with those subscribers and sending those
subscribers special offers promoting your products.
But you must do it correctly. Here’s a few tips that will help you
get the most bang for your buck out of your list-building activities:

1.Collect Only Relevant Information

While requesting a visitor to sign up, collect information that is
relevant to your business. A recent study lamented that most of the
corporate probing was unnecessary, given that most companies never
act on the information they extract from their customers. It is crucial
that you know exactly what you intend to do with the information
you’re going to collect. Moreover, you should also be able to prove to
your visitors that information you would be collecting from them is
actually vital for your business.

2.Don’t Make Your Customers Repeat Information

Most customers don’t mind telling their banks the ages of their
children if they think the bank will use the information to help them
sort through the myriad of college savings plans or make them aware
of estate planning issues. But nothing irritates customers more than
having to repeat the same information to each channel as if it’s the
first time they've ever heard the information. This is especially true
in the case of email lists on websites.

3.Focus Your List

We’ve discussed the importance of focusing or targeting
customers earlier as well. Current customers are the most important
email addresses to collect, much more so than prospects. They’ll be
more receptive to your communications and likely to respond, since
they’re familiar with your company and its products. Don’t waste your
time running campaigns that attract a high number of visitors who
have no interest in your products or services.

4.Special Offers and Discounts

Special offers like coupons and discounts are classic direct
marketing techniques that translate extremely well to email. In order
for an offer to be effective, it must provide something of real value to
the recipient. Minimal discounts are not enough to get the reader’s
attention; you have to offer something of substance. Of course, don’t
discount lower than your profit on the transaction. Having a time limit
on discounted offers is also very important in order for the call to
action to work effectively.
Apart from using the Internet, there are also ways you can use
your marketing efforts in the real world to help build your email lists.

5.Networking Meetings

From your local chamber of commerce, to specialized industry
groups, the meetings of many organizations are great opportunities to
make contact with new people. You are exchanging business cards
with interested prospects or possible referral sources, so make sure
that you send appropriate email communications to these people. Start
with a personal email recapping your conversation with them, and ask
them if they would like to be added to your monthly email list. Don't
just start sending a barrage of email to every person that you come in
contact with. Make sure that the person indicated their interest in what
you have to offer first, or your contact will become quickly unwanted.

6.Trade Shows

Whether you have a booth, are one of the presenters, or are
simply attending a trade show, you have an excellent potential
opportunity similar to networking events, but on a much greater scale.
Organizing the follow-ups to people you actually spoke to yourself then
adding the person to your personal contact list is a given.
The general information requests gathered by associates at your
booth can be handled in a similar way. Lastly, you may have organized
a giveaway or contest to gather more leads at the show. These people
are frequently less interested in what you have to say, and more
interested in whatever they might be getting or winning. As a result,
it may require secondary contact to obtain the permission to add them
to your regular communications. In general, hitting
with a "hard sell" is not usually effective. contest winners


Organizing informational seminars is a great way to build a
healthy relationship with prospects and potential referrers. One
effective technique is to have advance registration and to ask
permission to send regular emails at that time. This way, even if the
person is not able to attend the seminar, you still have an opportunity
to stay in touch with them. After all, they were interested enough to
register for the seminar.


Concerts, parties, art openings, or any other occasion that gathers
people together provide an opportunity to build your email address
lists. Having a registration or check-in location, or associates with
clipboards working the room are just two ways to make contact. In the
case of events, it is a good idea to offer some kind of incentive to
boost signups. However, make sure that the person can only receive
the incentive via email. This way, you will improve the quality and
accuracy of the lists you are collecting.

8.Post Cards/Direct Mail

When a company has an existing database of postal addresses,
direct mail may be the best way to get the email addresses of your
existing customers and prospects. Again, offering an incentive always
helps stimulate a greater response and is particularly effective when
there is a pre-existing relationship. This helps increase the typical
response rate of converting postal address recipients to email
recipients. Publish a specific website address on your mailing to direct
people to a landing page with the list signup form on your site.

Eugenijus Sakalauskas publisher
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How to buil your list with articles - paid eZine advertising

There are several ways to build an opt-in list,
but you want to ensure that people are interested
in your products.

If you are an affiliate marketer who wants to make
a comfortable living from referring your prospects to
other people’s product or service for decent commissions,
then you must consider building your own mailing list.

You can build your list simply by writing articles,
whether you have thought of it or not.

Quite simply, you write and submit your
articles on your topic of expertise or business
nature to popular article directories where eZine
publishers and readers are looking for the
information you provide.

Leveraging your viral marketing efforts on
article writing can be rewarding, if done right.
In the real sense, you are actually proving
your worth and demonstrating your expertise
about your business through the articles you

So, how can this method in effect build your
mailing list? The answer: the resource box you
attach to your articles. In your resource box
(also known as bio box), you include a brief
detail about yourself and your business site
together with its URL.

It is strongly suggested that your resource box
URL links to your mailing list’s landing page
where you can get your visitor’s name and email
address, which will in turn help you build your
mailing list at no cost.

If your articles are found worth sharing, eZine
publishers will republish your articles together
with your resource box for their readers and
subscribers. The wonderful result: viral
marketing without effort on your part!

You can start by writing and submitting your
articles to trusted article submitter sites
and begin your article marketing journey today.

Some Internet Marketers can get clueless
when it comes to unleashing the full potential
of paid eZine advertising. One of the most
common dilemmas is that whether should the
Internet Marketer advertise the product or
service he is selling directly to the
subscribers of the eZine he is paying
advertising for?

This can be a wise method, but with ifs
and buts. For one, the advertisement must
be compelling and attention grabbing.
Secondly, there is no telling if the eZine’s
subscribers constantly practice a buying
habit until you put some money to find out.

Investing even a small sum of money can
be risky to a number of Internet Marketers
who are on tight budgets. But in spite of
the risk factors, eZine advertising can still
be rewarding, if done right.

Thus the solution: the marketer would be wiser
if he or she uses eZine advertising to build his
or her mailing list. It makes sense, anyway.
Since some eZines display more than one sponsored
advertisement, you can grab the subscriber’s
attention by giving a free or risk-free product
or offer through your ad.

When the subscriber clicks on your ad, he or
she can opt into your mailing list in exchange
for the free offer, which can be a free report
or even a trial service.

While you are not making a hard sell through
your advertisement just yet, building your
list by getting other eZine’s subscribers
subscribed to your eZine allows you to follow
up with them in the future, as and when you
have new offers.

Eugenijus Sakalauskas publisher
"List Building Newsletter"
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