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Monday, October 10, 2016

Carrying Someone Else's Business Cards With You

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If you are in business, you understand all the reasons why it is wise to carry your business cards with you everywhere. When you are out, you never know who you will meet; furthermore, when you meet someone, you never really know who they are, and you never really know who they might know. With a stack of business cards at the ready, you are always prepared to pass one along to someone who might prove to be a future client or customer. But even though the prudence of carrying around your own business cards is well-known and widely-accepted, far fewer businessmen and businesswomen ever consider the prudence of carrying around business cards that belong to other people. The practice of carrying around business cards that belong to others can be extremely beneficial; here are a couple reasons why.

Conversations with strangers are golden opportunities; as a businessperson, you understand this. Each opportunity for conversation with a stranger might be the opportunity that will open brand new doors for you. But a stranger is likely to be turned off right away if they think you are striking up conversation with them just to sell them something. People are protective of their money, and they don't want you to squeeze some out of them just because they were friendly to you! But if you are equipped with others' business cards, you have a full arsenal of safe conversation starters. Say you overhear someone in a restaurant talking about how they need a plumber. If you have your favorite plumber's card ready in your stack of others' business cards, you can enter into their conversation. "Excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing you say you need a plumber; I happen to know a great plumber - he's worked on our house, and we've been thrilled with him!" You have now entered their conversation without trying to sell them anything at all. Eventually, the conversation is sure to circle back around to you, and to what you do.

People are also inclined to remember someone who helped them out without receiving anything in return. You are sure to unload one of your own business cards once the conversation comes back around to you. This person is sure to remember you next time they need a product or service like yours, and you will have a new client or customer on your plate!

Carrying others' business cards might seem like nothing more than a small step, but it could just be the "small step" that turns into your next big thing.

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