Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Meeting Your Sales Quota For The Year

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Working in sales can be difficult at times, as you will not only have to do a good job selling your product to customers, but you will likely be under pressure to reach certain performance quotas for your company - as far as how much (and how quickly, and how efficiently, and even how profitably!) you are selling; of course, sales quotas are simply part of working in sales, but if you are wanting to eliminate some of the stress of working in sales and trying to reach your quotas, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

First off, you should always make an effort to think of your quota as something that is supposed to be hit in half the time of what is actually supposed to be hit; for instance, if you are supposed to reach a certain sales goal in a year, you should make it your goal to try and reach that sales goal in six months instead, as doing this will set higher goals for you than simply what the company is giving you, and even though you may end up falling short of these personal goals you have set, they are likely to still help you reach the quota assigned by the company long before the set date!

Plenty of people tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to sales because they look at the big picture of the sales numbers they are supposed to hit, which can seem like an insurmountable task, but a better way to look at the sales numbers you are trying to hit is on a day-to-day basis; this does not even mean that you should assign yourself a certain number of sales you should try to hit each day, as anyone who has ever worked in sales knows that your sales will fluctuate from each day, but it simply means you should narrow your focus to "taking care of what you can take care of each day."

And lastly, recognize the fact that you are likely to get ahead of schedule when you incorporate these two approaches into your sales work, and as you get ahead of schedule, it will be easy for complacency to set in. Guard against complacency by always expanding your goals, pushing yourself to accomplish more and more in sales than you were aiming to accomplish before!

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