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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tips For Timing Your Request For A Raise


Many people are in a position where they feel that it would sure be nice if they could get a raise at their job with the way that the economy is right now - but at the same time, many of these same people are in a position where they are nervous about asking for a raise, lest this request cause their superiors at their job to look at them in a negative light. Of course, in all actuality, management expects their employees to seek raises - and when the employee in question has been doing a great job at work, this is not at all an offensive request - but even once you realize that this is the truth of the matter, it will still be important that you understand how to time your request for a raise correctly, in order to maximize the end results.

Waiting for your annual performance review is the best way to ask for a raise; you can go into the performance review, if you have been doing an excellent job at work, knowing that it is likely you will be commended for the hard work you have done; when the performance review begins to wrap up, be prepared to present your case for a raise - not only letting your boss know that you would like a raise, but also letting them know how much you feel you deserve.

On the other hand, if there is not a performance review upcoming for you, or if you work at a company that does not conduct regular performance reviews, figuring out the right time to ask for a raise can be a bit more difficult. The main thing for you to make sure you realize is that you should request a raise when you are in the setting of a formal meeting; with no performance review looming on the horizon, you should request a meeting with your boss, and in this meeting you can present a clear case as to why you deserve the raise you are requesting.

And one mistake a lot of people tend to make is that they are afraid to ask for a raise - but once you get past the fear of asking for a raise, you will also need to keep yourself poignantly aware of the fact that there is a right time and a wrong time to ask for a raise, and if you realize you are approaching this at a "wrong time," you should be ready to bail and wait for another opportunity!

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