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Friday, December 05, 2014

How To Keep The Look You Want While Getting The Job You Want


There are lots of things that are important to men, but two of the things that will tend to be among the most important to men - especially to young men - is that they have the "look" they want to have, and that they also have a job that makes them feel like going to work each day is fulfilling and productive. Of course, one of the problems with these two desires (again, especially for young men!) is the fact that the desires of keeping a specific, desired look and having a specific job are sometimes in direct conflict with one another; if you have found that this is the case for you, here are a few things you can consider doing in order to keep the look you have while also keeping the job you want.

If you have a beard (and if it is important to you that you be able to keep a beard!), you should be able to get away with this as long as you keep the beard trimmed, and if you want to keep the beard fairly long, it will help a lot if you keep your hair short and styled as a counterbalance.

If you take the right approach, long hair will also be passable (and can even be sharp-looking); make sure you are still dressing sharp, and keep your face clean-shaven (or, at least, keep your beard trimmed close and well-manicured), and you will look great!

And if you are wanting to have both the long hair and the beard, realize firstly that there are some jobs for which this will be acceptable, and realize secondly that you will be far more likely to be able to get away with this if you make sure you are doing a tremendous job at work! In fact, doing a tremendous job at work can allow you to get away with just about any look you want - just make sure you keep up the good work, or your desire to keep a specific look just might cost you your job!

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