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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

List building income : Thank you pages

Thank you pages :
  1. Important as it established good will with subscribers
  2. Customers are the heart of your online business
  3. Keep it simple
So you managed to get visitors to your sites to read through your
squeeze page and they even managed to sign up to your list.
Not all visitors will participate but it’s a numbers game. Show your
subscribers that you care by offering a nice thank you page.

After all they, friends, and acquaintances are going to be the key  to providing
 that passive income.
Don’t neglect this important aspect of lead generation. Another way
to show your thanks is to send emails that serve this purpose too.
Though this can usually be handled via the Autoresponder it doesn’t
hurt to provide extra confidence and gratitude for your subscribers.
They are the heart of your campaigns online  and should be treated as such.
 As a rule keep them brief and to the point without a lot of frills.

Thank you pages can also serve as a good place to conveniently
place a link to the product you are selling within the niche. This
is a good opportunity to acquire an instant sale based on the content
of the squeeze page.

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