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Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to build list fast - giveaways.

The more you understand about list building, the
more interesting it becomes. As you read this article
you'll find that the subject of list building is
certainly no exception.

Many people have tried to start lists and failed.
However, even if you have failed in the past you can
rejuvenate your list and start anew.Whether you have had
little success in the past or if you are just starting,you
can follow these simple tips to get your list up and going.

One of the most important things to remember is that
your list will be useless if the people on it are not
responsive. At the same time, you are going to need to
lure them into buying your products as well. You can do
this through a variety of ways.

List building success is planning. In order to succeed you
need to see the whole picture first. After all, if you
don’t know where you are going, how do you know how to
get there?

Get these plans down on paper. Planning is one of the
strategies that people fail to do. Yet when you write something
down you are committing to paper what you plan to do and
you can get it out of your head. Some of the most successful
people write their plans down with pen and paper first.

List building planning helps you learn quicker, as you
can see what you need to overcome, or the tasks that you
need to do to get to the next stage.

The list building must be simple.

The secret to building a list fast is contributing
gifts to Giveaways!A giveaway site is an event that anyone
can join, that can last from seven days to a few months.
There are usually 4 or 5 giveaways that are running at any
given moment in time.

There are two sides to every giveaway – the contributor
side (people offering free gifts) and the other side is
members looking for free gifts. These members have to
opt in to your mailing list to get the free gift you
are offering as a contributor

Each one of these giveaways will have rules and will
vary from giveaway to giveaway, but one rule is that you
will promote the giveaway. If you don’t promote the
giveaway your gift will be removed.

As everyone is promoting the giveaway, thousands of people
end up scrolling through the gifts and picking out the ones
they want to download. Your gift will be among them, and
if they want to download your product, they will be taken
to your opt in page, where they will have a chance to get
your gift.

Yes, some gurus say that the subscribers you get from giveaways
are freebie seekers and you will never make money from them,
but these same gurus probably bombard these so called ‘freebie
seekers’ with offers left, right and center so no, they won’t
be responsive, they don’t want you to know what they know.

And yes, these subscribers will probably sign up for a huge
amount of gifts at these giveaway events, but they will stay
subscribed to your list because you will treat them differently
and not bombard them with offers, as soon as their email
address hits your autoresponder account.

In fact,these subscribers are responsive, but only if you
look after them right.

Send these new subscribers free advice, great content, and
more freebies.His initial emails make that new subscriber
warm to him, listen to him and most importantly trust him.

The great thing about giveaways is that you know what the
new subscriber is interested in.

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